A Rare Find: The 1891-CC $1 VAM 3 Spitting Eagle Coin

A Glimpse into History

The 1891-CC Morgan Silver Dollar holds a special place in American coinage history. Struck at the Carson City Mint, which itself carries a legacy of producing coins during the era of the Wild West, this coin carries with it the tales of the time. The “CC” mint mark proudly denotes its origin and adds to its historical allure.

The Discovery of VAM 3: Spitting Eagle Variety

Within the world of coin collecting, variety attribution adds a layer of excitement. In the case of the 1891-CC $1, a particular variety has garnered significant attention: VAM 3, often referred to as the “Spitting Eagle.” This intriguing moniker derives from a distinctive die clash that creates the illusion of a “spitting” eagle on the reverse side of the coin. 

Identifying a Spitting Eagle

Identifying the elusive 1891-CC $1 VAM 3 Spitting Eagle coin requires a keen eye and attention to detail. The key diagnostic feature of this intriguing variety lies on the reverse side of the coin. Look closely for a subtle yet distinctive die clash that creates an illusion of an eagle seemingly “spitting” towards Liberty’s profile. 
Other telltale characteristics include the leftward tilt of the CC mint mark, which is a primary identifier, accompanied by the strong doubling of the left C at its upper exterior and lower interior sections. Equally noteworthy, the right C exhibits slight doubling at its upper exterior. Even more careful observation may reveal diagonal die gouges on the exterior of the eagle’s left leg and between the lower and middle arrow shafts. 

Top 100 Recognition
The significance of the 1891-CC VAM 3 Spitting Eagle coin is underscored by its inclusion in the prestigious PCGS Top 100 list. This list, curated by experts in the field, highlights the most sought-after and intriguing coins that have become the focus of collectors’ desires. Being part of this elite group further cements the coin’s importance in numismatic circles.

Collecting and Appreciating the Rarity

Owning a piece of history is a passion shared by coin collectors around the world. The 1891-CC $1 VAM 3 Spitting Eagle coin offers enthusiasts a chance to connect with a specific moment in time, a tangible link to the past. The coin’s scarcity and unique die clash make it a captivating addition to any collection.
The 1891-CC $1 VAM 3 Spitting Eagle coin is more than just a piece of currency; it’s a window into history, a testament to the craftsmanship of the past, and a fascinating anomaly that continues to captivate collectors.