Our Top 5 Favorite Items from The Franklin Mint’s Sale – Coin Collector’s Guide

Enjoy this coin collector’s guide to The Franklin Mint’s big sale!

Sterling Collectibles has explored the Franklin Mint’s sale page, so that you don’t have to! Browse maps, coin collections, coin memorabilia, and more in the list of our top five favorite items available now.

1.) 1747 Early Map of the New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

This colorful reproduction map circa 1747 of the entire Gulf Coast of what would one day become Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. “Carte general de toute la côte de la Louisianne jusqu’a la Baye St. Bernard, coste de la Floride, Baye de la Mobille, Be. de Pansacole, Baye de St. Ioseph, St. Marc des Apalaches. dans l’Amerique septentle., 1747”, according to The Franklin Mint. Multiple sizes available.

2.) Personalized 1934-Present Year To Remember Half Dollar Coin Stainless Steel Silver Tone Money Clip

Stylishly simple in design this Silver Tone Half Dollar Coin Money Clip is historical and collectible. Keep your currency secure in the stainless steel two-inch money clip featuring a genuine United States Half Dollar. Choose the year of the half dollar to mark a special memory. Choose from 1934 to the Present, but the current year is not available to ship until May. The coin rests securely in a silvertone bezel to maintain a clean design. We will add the personalization to this historical high polished money clip with a beautifully engraved classic monogram, with a large last initial, flanked by smaller first and middle initials (please supply the 3 initials in this order; first initial, last initial, middle initial), according to The Franklin Mint.

3.) 1965-2020 USA Quarter Coin Guitar Pick

Choose your custom year from 1965-2020! Years 1965-1998 will have the Washington date front (heads) and classic Eagle reverse (tails), years 1999-2020 will be created from the “America the Beautiful” series and feature the new Washington front (heads) and various American states/parks/landmarks mini-date reverse (tails).

4.) Coin Sets of All Nations – North America & More

Franklin Mint’s “Coin Sets of All Nations” was issued beginning in the early 1980s. In the past, complete sets of Brilliant Uncirculated coins were purchased directly from the national governments and then sealed in a protective cachet, with both sides of the coins visible. Additionally, the cachet contains a postally-canceled stamp from the country of issue. Also, every coin in every set is at least 25 years old, but remarkably still in Gem Uncirculated condition, according to The Franklin Mint.

5.) 1934-Present Year to Remember Coin Set

This wonderful collection is like a time capsule. Choose any year, from 1934 to present (current year ships in August). You get a gleaming Half Dollar, Quarter, Dime, Nickel and Penny plus a detailed history of world events and fun facts (like who won the Rose Bowl or which movie won Best Picture) from that special year. It’s a lovely way to recall important years. Celebrate a birth, marriage, graduation, promotion, anniversary or give one every year. (1955 and 1975 are not available), according to The Franklin Mint.

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Connecting With Other Coin Sellers and Collectors

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission on certain purchases.

Sterling Collectibles has always been dedicated to connecting with various coins sellers and coin collectors around the United States, in order to provide our customers with the very best selection of coins and coin rolls. Recently we have connected with The Franklin Mint, which started back in 1964 and continues to bring the best coins and collectibles to the market. “The company has grown to include all sorts of rare and unique collectibles, from handmade guitar picks made out of coins, stone, and metal, to beautifully crafted garden statues. The Franklin Mint has a variety of products that’ll suit every taste — this company is every collector’s paradise,” according to The Franklin Mint. 

We will be sharing a few of their select products on our website that we think you will find interesting! We hope you enjoy!

A Little History“It all started back in 1964 when Joseph Segel founded The Franklin Mint after noticing the high demand for silver coins that were in their last year of circulation and about to disappear. He saw an opportunity and interest in the market and grew a business that specialized in the best collector items, such as rare coins, diecast models, historical currencies, unique decorations, porcelain objects, jewelry, and much more. Since then, this business has marketed limited-edition products made of precious metals (typically sterling silver) for those interested in American history and national symbols,” according to The Franklin Mint.

Featured Item: The Last US Peace Dollar

As a show of celebration following World War I, the US Mint introduced a silver dollar in 1921 that was like no other, the Peace Dollar

“The front of the coin depicts Lady Liberty, wearing a diadem of rays, similar to those seen on the Statue of Liberty. The reverse shows a bald eagle at rest, clutching a laurel branch. 1935 was the final year of issue for this coin, and the final circulating Silver Dollar. Minted in San Francisco.” – The Franklin Mint

According to JM Bullion, “a lobby formed asking the U.S. Mint to strike a coin that was symbolic of the peace reached after the end of World War I. Though this lobby was unsuccessful in getting Congress to act on coin re-design through legislation, it did succeed in getting its message heard by the right people. In December 1921, then Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon approved the design of the Peace dollar. Peace dollars were minted in the years 1921-1928 and again from 1934-1935.”


Metal: 90% pure silver.

Weight 26.7 grams.

Diameter 38mm.

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Exclusive National Prayer Coin For Collectors


Prayer coins are amazing tools that remind those who carry them to reflect often on their actions, and beliefs. These small reminders fit in your pocket, making them the perfect everyday accessory.

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Trump 2020 Coin (Gold & Silver Plated)

Are you a coin collector? Looking for a new edition to your collection? Check out this memorabilia coin!

Why add memorabilia coins to your collection? Coins are a part of history and each one comes with its own individual story. Display this coin and forever hold a piece of America’s history. This item is a conversation starter!

Why This Coin Is America’s Favorite Souvenir:

  • Highest quality craftsmanship. Worthy of any collection.
  • Excellent gift items… any real patriot would love this coin!
  • SIZE – 1.5 Inches in Diameter and 1/8 inch thick. These are sizable coins, made to impress.
  • QUALITY – “Proof-like” quality maintained inside a complementary plastic case.
  • RISK FREE – Full and complete 60 Day Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy, you can request a full refund in the first 60 days.
  • Free Shipment Insurance & Lifetime Warranty Replacement Plan To Protect Your Purchase!
  • This is not an investment of any sort, legal tender, or cryptocurrency!
  • 74 million Americans love Trump. That’s why this has become the number one best selling memorabilia in 2021.

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