Roll of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars Frosty 1895 / Spitting Eagle CC #BU434 L


$20 Morgan Silver Dollar Roll

End One: Frosty 1895

End Two: Spitting Eagle CC

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End One:  Frosty 1895

End Two:  Spitting Eagle CC

Please note:  Our VV, EE and TT rolls tend to be a mix of dates, mint marks and conditions ranging from AG to AU.  Our KK and XX rolls tend to be a mix of dates, mint marks and conditions ranging from VF to BU.  Our BU rolls tend to be a mix of dates, mint marks and conditions ranging from AU to BU+.  Also, please keep in mind that any of the rolls may contain many or even all of the same date, mint marks and/or conditions.

Looking for US Silver Dollar Coins for Sale? You’ve come to the right place! Sterling Collectibles is a coin collector’s one-stop shop for silver dollar coins for sale, US coins, half dollars, walking liberties, mercury dimes, silver bullion, coin rolls, individual coins, and more. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can find it!
How many coins are in each roll?
In our $20 silver dollar rolls, there are 20 silver coins in each roll. In our $10 silver dollar rolls, there are 10 coins in each roll.
How much is a roll of Morgan Dollars worth?
The value varies greatly depending on the condition of each coin, the date, and the mint mark. Rolls of (90% silver) dollars are a mixture of coins. Expect ANY conditions, mint marks, and dates inside these rolls.
Please carefully read how this works and read our disclaimer before bidding! For further information, please review our policies on our Contact Page or message us!
Sterling Collectibles is NOT a grading service. We do NOT know what coins are inside rolls. Any of these coins could be scratched, cleaned/uncleaned, or dented. Expect ANY mint marks, conditions, dates, and cleaned or uncleaned coins!

We do our best to give an accurate description of coins through the pictures. PLEASE REVIEW PICTURES CAREFULLY BEFORE Bidding.

RETURNS: We absolutely DO NOT accept returns or grant refunds for OPENED or BROKEN rolls. Please carefully review our return policy on Our Policies page.
CONDITIONS: Sterling Collectibles does not open these rolls. The wrappers are so old and delicate that it would be impossible for us to open them without damaging the wrappers.
We weigh all of our silver dollar rolls prior to shipping. These silver coins are 90% silver. View pictures for the weight of each roll.
RESERVE PRICES: Some of our auctions have a reserve price, which is always noted in the description. If a reserve price is not met then the item will not sell.

Contact us with questions before buying, because we can help! We are happy to answer your questions.

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